Where Does Zoho Creator Store Data?

Find out where your data is stored when you use Zoho Creator. Learn how to create forms, reports, workflows, and more with this powerful application.

Where Does Zoho Creator Store Data?

Are you wondering where your data is stored when you use Zoho Creator? The answer is simple: it is stored in the US data centre. Zoho Creator is an application that allows you to collect and store data, making it one of the main points of interaction between your users and your application. It has the same role as a table in a database or a sheet in a spreadsheet. To create a report or workflow in your application, you will need to create a form.The data from the Zoho Creator application is automatically synchronised with Zoho Analytics in different tables, with one table for each form.

You can easily create a data entry form to directly get the data entered in the form by mapping the fields in the Zoho Creator form with the corresponding columns in Zoho Analytics. You can also set up the Zoho Creator connector in any of the existing workspaces or any advanced analytics database to analyse the data together.If the data imported from the Zoho Creator application contains forms linked via a search column (in Zoho Creator), then this scenario will occur. As the Zoho Creator Advanced Analytics database administrator, you can edit the Zoho Creator connector sync settings. After setting up the Zoho Creator Advanced Analytics database, you may have to wait for some time for the initial fetching to occur.Zoho Analytics is an on-demand reporting and business intelligence solution that helps you gain insights into your business data through its powerful reporting and analytics capabilities.

You can easily embed the reports and dashboards created in Zoho Analytics into your website, web application or blog. There are many agents in Zoho Creator that help you create efficient and functional reports to meet specific business needs.Zoho Analytics Advanced Analytics for Zoho Creator allows you to easily slice data from your application and create reports and dashboards. This data can be stored on your computer or in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Zoho Docs, etc.). The Zoho Analytics team will investigate any issues immediately and take corrective actions.The Zoho Creator administrator who has configured the advanced analytics must share the tables present in the "Zoho Creator Advanced Analytics" database with other members of the company.

When this application is synchronised with Zoho Analytics, unique internal identifiers are created for the search columns (child column). You can integrate and perform cross-functional analysis with almost all enterprise applications with which Zoho Analytics offers integration.

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