What is Zoho Creator and What Can It Do For Your Business?

Zoho Creator is a cloud-based software for creating custom applications on your own without prior coding experience or IT skills. Learn more about its features & benefits here.

What is Zoho Creator and What Can It Do For Your Business?

Zoho Creator is a cloud-based software that enables users to create custom applications without any prior coding experience or IT knowledge. It is a smartly designed and easy-to-use tool for small and medium businesses (SMBs) or enterprises looking to drive custom app creation, especially if they are already invested in the Zoho ecosystem. With Zoho Creator, users can collect data, automate business processes or workflows, analyse the data in reports, and collaborate with their app users. The software has a minimalist, straightforward style that doesn't bog the user down in a cluttered selection of features.

It extends Zoho's no-nonsense app philosophy from its suite of productivity apps including Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, and more than two dozen others. Zoho Creator also includes multilingual support for international businesses, with an automatic translation feature for each component of the app and the ability to set up custom translations. The auto-scaling feature of Zoho Creator makes sure that loading data is not a stress for your business. While the scripting itself is not something an average user would do, which limits the customisation of Zoho for non-programmers, there are visual aids and help boxes that pop up to help you learn and use Deluge as scripting workflows.

Zoho Creator is a step below Appian and a little ahead of Google App Maker in terms of ease of use in creating business applications for the average user. One IT caveat is that there are no shared selection lists in Zoho Creator, i.e., the list of entries that are displayed in a choice box or drop-down list box. Despite this shortcoming, I wouldn't hesitate to implement Zoho again in another company. The result is an intuitively designed form builder with a solid selection of applications and pre-built fields for users with no coding experience, combined with Zoho's proprietary Deluge scripting language on the developer side for advanced customisation and workflow automation.

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